Processes are vital in your company!
Processes help extend the company's vision .
Processes must be managed . Contemplating the Design, the Modeling , Implementation, Execution, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement .
They should be valued and analyzed end- to-end from the customer's perspective.

BPM Infographic


The process design is based on the premise that " a good picture is worth a thousand words ." With a standardized graphical language for processes , BPMN , customers can design their own processes .


The Process Modeling comprises the diagnosis process , analysis and new improved process design .


The implementation is the preparation of the entire environment in which the process will run .


Execution is the process in action with their bodies created and running by its actors . It can be automated with the help of a BPMS , a BPM suite, with tools for design, implementation , execution and monitoring of the process flow .


Enables monitoring the implementation of processes with graphic indicators , as well as detailed list of the processes.


Continuous improvement is made possible with the support of monitoring processes , enables management by key indicators.