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Customer Relationship Management


Business Process Management




Your customer is the main asset you have. Your company needs to have processes and tools to provide excellent relationships with him . You need to manage the entire customer journey . Since the exploration campaigns of a future customer , through the process of selling to the aftermarket .

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The marketing tools enable new customers , offering products and services to existing customers , and to analyze the profile of each customer order to serve you according to their needs .


Sales processes enable to plan and manage sales by customer , channel , territory, sales team or product . Create and manage campaigns , from prospection to control applications .


The 360 ° view of the customer enables an integrated customer management , highlighting the profile of your contacts , your products , suggestions or complaints records .


Manage customer service using the best practices of the market, as tools for case management of incidents , problems to ITIL implementation .


Processes are vital in your company!
Processes help extend the company's vision .
Processes must be managed . Contemplating the Design, the Modeling , Implementation, Execution, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement .
They should be valued and analyzed end- to-end from the customer's perspective.

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The process design is based on the premise that " a good picture is worth a thousand words ." With a standardized graphical language for processes , BPMN , customers can design their own processes .


The Process Modeling comprises the diagnosis process , analysis and new improved process design .


The implementation is the preparation of the entire environment in which the process will run .


Execution is the process in action with their bodies created and running by its actors . It can be automated with the help of a BPMS , a BPM suite, with tools for design, implementation , execution and monitoring of the process flow .


Enables monitoring the implementation of processes with graphic indicators , as well as detailed list of the processes.


Continuous improvement is made possible with the support of monitoring processes , enables management by key indicators.


The focus on finalistic and strategic processes is the key to success.
Other processes can be outsourced .
Good management of outsourced processes enables the company to increase revenue and decrease your expenses .
The contracts provide for the definition between the parties Service Level Agreement Contract with clear indicators to be followed for the contract .




It comprises outsourcing of a business area or a corporate level process , from planning to execution and control.
Corresponds to the outsourcing company's sub-processes which may accommodate people , tools or activities in an integrated manner to other organizational processes.


Corresponds to the outsourcing company's sub-processes which may accommodate people , tools or activities in an integrated manner to other organizational processes.



With skilled people improve results effectively.
Train your staff with us !



Strategic Alignment Marketing

This training provides , especially for organizations that have strategic plan , the realization of customer-oriented strategy , using the CRM with their techniques and tools.

Campaign Creation

Learn to create real marketing campaigns using CRM software.

Results Analysis

Learn how to develop graphics and indicators that enable the analysis of marketing initiatives , particularly the execution of campaigns.


Drawing Processes

Learn to draw business processes according to BPMN notation objectively.

Process Modeling

Learn the techniques to analyze processes and propose improvements , using the best BPM practices as CBOK guide .

Implementation Processes

Learn how to implement automated processes using an open source marketing tool , the BonitaSoft BPMS .


IT Governance

Learn the classification of governance archetypes , governance tools and analysis of IT from the perspective of governance.

Main Frame Architecture

Learn about the architecture of a main frame , highlighting the operating system and integration with other platforms.


Understand the process of ETL - Extraction , Transformation and Load, the use of tools for the creation of ETL flows and how to automate them .


Meet SOA - Service Oriented Arquitecture - key tools and practical applications.


We believe in customer focus , Processes and People as the main objectives of organizations.
We help your organization to be guided by customers and improve their processes and staff .

Our Mission

 Support organizations and people in overcoming their results.


Our Mission


Our Vision

Our Vision

To be recognized by the market as a partner that adds value to your results
and employees are held by professionally.

Our Values

The appreciation of the human being.
Teamwork .
The win-win or no deal .
Ethics and transparency.
Compliance agreements.


Our Values


Our Story

Our History

The Ítaca was founded in 1999 on the eve of the new millennium , in order to unite people around common goals, applying methodologies , work processes and innovative tools to overcome results.

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